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I started my first experiences with HTML/CSS, working as a Web Designer in 1999 and since 2007 I'm working as a user experience designer on private software development, therefore my most recent work is not available due to non-disclosure agreement reasons.

This web portfolio holds a selection of some of the most remarkable websites conceived in the last company I worked for in Portugal, where besides creative concepts I was also responsible for website's information architecture.

Leica Microsystems Detail

Leica Microsystems

Fujifilm Portugal Detail

Fujifilm Portugal

Colunex Portugal Detail

Colunex Portugal

Hipermercados Jumbo Detail - Grupo Auchan - Portugal

Hipermercados Jumbo - Grupo Auchan - Portugal

Segafredo Zanetti Detail - Portugal

Segafredo Zanetti - Portugal

Baia Alegre Detail - Grupo Alicantina

Baia Alegre - Grupo Alicantina

Salsa Jeans Detail

Salsa Jeans

Salsa Jeans Collections Detail

Salsa Jeans

Imporsan Detail


Espaco Seguro Detail

Espaco Seguro

Digicomp Detail


Arte e Vidro Detail

Arte e Vidro

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Please, feel free to contact me anytime. It's always a pleasure meeting new people of like mind and different opinions are very welcome in a positive discussion.